OpticsFast In The News Fights $10B Scam

OpticsFast For Competition and Transparency and Against Monopolies

OpticsFast is dedicated to adding transparency and trust to the eyewear market. Most of the industry is controlled my a single, $10B monopoly who controls many of the world’s leading brands, has destroyed competition from independent resellers and maintains high prices through monopolistic policies.

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OpticsFast Mission – Look Great and Feel Great

OpticsFast is on a mission to make you look great for less

OpticsFast is on a mission. We are here to save you from overpriced or fake eyewear. The sunglass industry is full of scammers. High end stores needlessly mark up their products, charging you for high rents and fancy showrooms. Online stores and street vendors sell fake products often with glaring flaws and shoddy workmanship.

Buy trust first

OpticsFast is the solution. You can buy new product online us that are 100% new and authentic. We sell direct and source from only trusted, approved distributors worldwide so we can offer unparalleled selection and prices.

Refurbish and repair – don’t replace

At our Brooklyn facility, OpticsFast repair technicians are experts in replacing and repairing damaged parts. But we offer what nobody else does. We can do full restorations of vintage and classic designer eyewear. Hunt through your grandfasther’s garage, estate sales or vintage or antique stores. Some of those classic looks could be yours and brought back to their original state for less than the cost of new pieces. Old-school cool is as close as our 800 number.

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